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PRAHRAN GROCER is a family owned business with three generations of experience in the grocery and supermarket game. We’re big enough to bring you great value, but small enough to care about what you need.  Our aim is to become a valued member of your community.

We’re here to help with home delivery when you need it; to source exotic ingredients when you want them and to smile when you come by.  We care about the little things.

So no matter what you need, from the freshest gourmet produce to your back-of-the-pantry basics, you can trust we’ll go to any lengths to bring it to you.

We’re your go to Grocer.

Prahran Grocer is proud to be stocking YOUFOODZ instore. If you would like to order via Prahran Grocer please contact the store directly so we can best fulfil your order. We are happy to add it to any online order you may place. Youfoodz has a great ever changing menu and we highly recommend trying Youfoodz next time you place an order or are instore.

Thanks, the Team at Prahran Grocer.